Atlas of Oregon Lakes


Oregon has a rich diversity of lakes and reservoirs ranging from some of the clearest lakes in the world, to extremely productive fisheries, to lakes in trouble from pollution. Lakes and reservoirs are very important to the citizens of Oregon as they provide drinking water, flood control, irrigation, power generation, and recreational opportunities such as swimming, boating, fishing, and relaxation.

The Atlas of Oregon Lakes is a resource for the public, resource management agencies, and scientists to better manage and enjoy our lakes. The online atlas is an updated version of the popular Atlas of Oregon Lakes published in 1985 by the Oregon State University Press.

Individual Lakes Pages

Discover the rich diversity of Oregon’s lakes—learn about the current and historical topography, environmental relationships, and recreational and practical uses. View photos, water quality plots, and download resources including the original 1985 print atlas pages.

Atlas Features

In addition to the comprehensive information in the 1985 print version, the online Atlas of Oregon lakes features updated information, more data types, and interactive functionality not possible through a print source, such as links to marine facilities information, water quality graphs, photographs, and downloadable data. All of these features are available through the interactive map as well as within each lake's page.