The online Atlas of Oregon Lakes was developed by Portland State University's Center for Lakes and Reservoirs, Center for Spatial Analysis and Research, Nohad A. Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning, and Academic and Research Computing. Funding was provided through an EPA Exchange Network Grant administered by Oregon DEQ and contributions from Portland State University.

Mark Sytsma, Director of the Center for Lakes and Reservoirs, was the principal investigator for the project. Rich Miller, Research Technician for the Center for Lakes and Reservoirs, provided oversight for the limnology and water quality aspects of the project. Richard Lycan, Professor Emeritus with the College of Urban and Public Affairs, provided guidance for the GIS efforts. David Banis, Director of the Center for Spatial Analysis and Research, supervised the students who did much of the cartographic work. Will Garrick, Associate Director of Academic and Research Computing, managed the web mapping efforts. Morgan Harvey, GIS Application Developer for Academic and Research Computing, designed most of the web map. At the Oregon DEQ Curtis Cude shepherded the proposal to EPA and Won Kim provided liaison and advice.

Volunteers and student employees contributed many hours to this effort. Dan Johnson, Mark Neuhaus, and Andy Schaedel, three of the authors of the 1985 Atlas of Oregon Lakes, provided valuable advice on the design of the online atlas. Andy Schaedel and Dan Johnson provided help in building the digital photo library and Mark Neuhaus assisted with digital conversion of the bathymetric maps. Roger Edwards, past president of the Oregon Lakes Association, provided assistance in developing the master lakes list and worked with U.S. Geological Survey in improving the Geographic Names Information System data on Oregon lake names.

Three student employees provided valuable assistance with the cartographic work for the online atlas. Nick Jones digitized and geo-referenced the bathymetric maps for 180 Oregon lakes. Catherine Clark and Kelly Reeves assisted in the design and production of the downloadable PDF lake maps. Additonally, a number of other Portland State University students provided volunteer assistance. Some of those who made major contributions include: Solomon Collins, Bob Kellet, and Derack Richard.

Amy Charron, Art Director for University Marketing at Oregon State University, designed the cover art for the 1985 Atlas of Oregon Lakes, which is also featured on the home page of the online atlas.