Langdon Lake (Umatilla)

Reachcode: 17060104001352 | Area: 48.5 acres | Shoreline: 1.2 mi | View on Interactive Map

(From Atlas of Oregon Lakes, Johnson et al. 1985)  Langdon Lake is a small and very shallow lake located near the summit of the Blue Mountains in northeastern Oregon. It lies adjacent to the community of Tollgate along the highway between Weston and Elgin. Langdon is an artificial lake, formed by the construction of a dam on one of the sources of Lookingglass Creek. The name is from John W. Langdon of Walla Walla, who furnished a substantial part of the money necessary for surveying the site and building the dam. The lake is not open to the public for fishing. It is operated as part of a resort area, and angling is for patrons only. Most of the shoreline is privately owned, residential property. There is one small Forest Service campground at the west end of the lake; however, access to the water is not provided.

The maximum depth of Langdon Lake is only 10 feet, and this shallow depth has a pronounced effect on the ecological characteristics. Although the water has very low concentrations of common ions, the lake is distinctly eutrophic. It is too shallow to develop any permanent thermal stratification and it remains well mixed throughout the summer, keeping materials in suspension which might otherwise settle out. The concentrations of chlorophyl and phosphorus are well above average and give the lake a distinctly eutrophic character. Water transparency is very limited (2 feet; 0.6 meters); nevertheless, macrophytes cover much of the bottom.

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