Deer Lake (Deschutes)

Reachcode: 17070301000892 | Area: 51.9 acres | Shoreline: 1.2 mi | View on Interactive Map

(From Atlas of Oregon Lakes, Johnson et al. 1985). Deer Lake is one of the many small, shallow lakes in the Cultus Lake drainage basin, a region of moderate relief high on the east slope of the Cascade Mountains. A dense lodgepole pine forest blankets the landscape, which is interspersed with lovely mountains and many small, shallow lakes. Many of these lakes adjoin marshy areas and are gradually being reduced in size as vegetation encroaches. Deer Lake, however, is forested to the water's edge and there are no macrophytes in the lake, despite the fact that over half the lake is less than 10 feet deep. A large percentage of the shallow areas consist of clean pumice material, giving the appearance of a sandy bottom, and it is relatively free of organic material. The lake is triangular in shape with the deepest point near the center. Fishing is good at times and the lake is stocked yearly with brook trout. There are also some fair—sized rainbow trout. There are no improved campsites at Deer Lake, but camping is fairly common near the shore at the end of the unimproved road from Little Cultus Lake. Water in Deer Lake is characteristic of lakes in the Cascades, with low concentrations of ions, low alkalinity, and low conductivity. The pH of the water is slightly less than average, and the lake has a very low buffer capacity. Phosphorus concentration is about average while the chlorophyl concentration is quite low. Water transparency is very high, and the bottom of the lake is visible even in the deepest part. By all indicators, Deer Lake is oligotrophic.

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