Torrey Lake (Lane)

Reachcode: 17090001001071 | Area: 65.3 acres | Shoreline: 1.5 mi | View on Interactive Map

(From Atlas of Oregon Lakes, Johnson et al. 1985)  Torrey Lake is one of many backcountry lakes scattered over the terrain north of Waldo Lake in the Central Oregon Cascades. It can be reached by a one-mile trail that starts two and one-half miles north of North Waldo Lake Campground, on the Taylor Burn Road. The region is a wide volcanic plateau that has been glaciated. Consequently, a dominant feature of the area is the abundance of ephemeral ponds and small lakes, many without surface drainage. Vegetation cover is a typical mountain hemlock forest with little understory growth. The whole area is within the Waldo Lake Recreation Area, a ten square mile tract administered by the Willamette National Forest. With this designation Torrey Lake and others in this quiet region will continue undeveloped and should retain their primitive nature. Anglers have found Torrey Lake to be a good producer of rainbow and eastern brook trout. Torrey Lake has no apparent surface inflow, and outflow appears limited to high water channels to nearby Whig and Wahanna Lakes. The relief of the drainage basin is fairly low; Taylor Butte, a prominent landmark on the plateau, rises directly to the north.

Torrey Lake is very shallow, with a maximum depth of only 13 feet, and over 90 percent of the lake is shallower than 6 feet. There are two forested islands in the lake, the larger near the south shore. Water quality is very good. The concentrations of major ions, alkalinity and conductivity are among the lowest in Oregon lakes. The concentrations of phosphorus and chlorphyl are also very low. Water tranparency is high and the bottom of the lake is easily visible. This pristine lake is classified as oligotrophic; however, because of its shallow depth it could be easily disturbed by any increase in nutrients.

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