Devil Lake (Klamath)

Reachcode: 18010202001163 | Area: 93.9 acres | Shoreline: 1.8 mi | View on Interactive Map

(From Atlas of Oregon Lakes, Johnson et al. 1985).  Devil Lake is a small irrigation reservoir in the semi-arid rangeland of south central Oregon. Although located within the boundary of the Fremont National Forest, about half the lake and its small contributing drainage area are on privately owned land. It was formed by the construction of a low earth and rockfill dam which impounds the waters of a small area tributary to Fishhole Creek. Storage in the reservoir permits flow in the creek to be augmented at critical times necessary for the irrigation of several hundred acres about five miles downstream. There are no recreational facilities at the lake, but it does receive use by fishermen. It was treated for scrap fish some years ago and restocked with rainbow trout. However, warm water species (crappies, perch and catfish) now dominate and attract many fishermen. Open all year, the best fishing is reported to be in the fall. No motors are allowed on the lake.

Devil Lake is shallow (maximum depth = 19 feet; mean depth = 11 feet), and the water level fluctuates as a result of irrigation withdrawals. Major ion concentrations, conductivity and alkalinity are typical of reservoirs in this part of the state, and the concentrations of calcium and sulfate are somewhat higher than other ions. Biological productivity is high, as is the phosphorus concentration. Water transparency is thus very limited and the lake is obviously eutrophic. The concentration of chlorophyl is not as high as might be expected, and the brownish coloration of the water suggests that some of the inhibition of transparency may be due to suspended sediment. In spite of the eutrophic nature of the reservoir there is relatively little growth of rooted macrophytes.

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