Strawberry Reservoir (Lake)

Reachcode: 18010204002341 | Area: 233.2 acres | Shoreline: 3.3 mi | View on Interactive Map

(From Atlas of Oregon Lakes, Johnson et al. 1985)  Strawberry Reservoir is a relatively small, shallow reservoir located in the southeast portion of the Klamath Basin and in the headwater portion of the Gerber Reservoir drainage basin. It was built in the 1920s by a private party to store water for irrigation of land in Barnes Valley a few miles to the northwest. An eight-foot high earthfill dam impounds the headwaters of Strawberry Creek, a small. drainage area of slightly over two square miles. Nevertheless, it is the principal storage for water that now irrigates hundreds of acres ii the Barnes Valley. The name of the reservoir is taken from Strawberry: Creek and there are several other features nearby with the same name e.g., Strawberry Butte, Strawberry Spring and Strawberry Flat, the( latter a broad plateau to the west of the reservoir.

Water in the reservoir has low concentrations of all major ions and the conductivity and alkalinity are low. The water is sufficient); transparent that the bottom is visible everywhere. Macrophytes cove] the entire bottom and are responsible for most of the primary; productivity of the reservoir. Phytoplankton are not abundant and the chlorophyl concentration in open water is therefore low. The water column does not develop any significant stratification, and it was well: oxygenated throughout when observed (7/6/82). Although the productivity; of macrophytes is high, the reservoir appears to be mesotrophic as determined by most other indices.