Individual Lake Pages

Major Lakes

These lakes were included in the original Atlas of Oregon Lakes – or – they have photos, documents, plant data or mussel data available.

Name Reachcode
North Fork Reservoir (Clackamas) 17090011005288
North Powder Pond Number One (Baker) 17050203001850
North Tenmile Lake (Coos, Douglas) 17100304000655
North Twin Lake (Deschutes) 17070301000908

Other Lakes

Name Reachcode
Nanny Reservoir (Malheur) 17050117002788
Nan-Scott Lake (Linn) 17090005000771
Napoleon Reservoir (Malheur) 17050107005084
Nash Lake (Lane) 17090004001099
Nash Reservoir (Grant) 17070201005728
Nasty Pond (Lake) 17120005001405
Nault Reservoir (Baker) 17050203007118
Navaho Lake (Deschutes) 17070301006205
Neahkahnie Lake (Tillamook) 17100202004967
Near Pond (Klamath) 18010204009390
Nedonna Lake (Tillamook) 17100202015924
Needham Reservoir (Malheur) 17050117002722
Neet Lake (Lane) 17090001005475
Negro Rock Reservoir (Malheur) 17050117002604
Nehalem River (Tillamook) 17100202005005
Nehalem River (Tillamook) 17100202005001
Neil Lake (Lane) 17090003006968
Nekbobets Lake (Marion) 17070306011445
Nelson Meadow (Jackson) 17100309003879
Nelson Reservoir (Jackson) 17100308005089
Nelson Reservoir (Wheeler) 17070204041352
Nelson Reservoir (Jackson) 17100308005556
Nelsons Pond (Marion) 17090007005611
Nelsons Pond (Marion) 17090007005639
Nep-Te-Pa Lake (Jefferson) 17070306011545
Lake Neskowin (Tillamook) 17100203010270
Neuschwanger Reservoir (Polk) 17090008003804
New Hole Reservoir (Harney) 17120001002716
New Lake (Coos) 17100306025910
New Place Reservoir (Malheur) 17050116004947
Newport Reservoir (Lincoln) 17100204005519
New Road Reservoir (Harney) 17120003001321
Newsome Creek Reservoir Number 1 (Crook) 17070304003709
Newts Waterhole (Malheur) 17050116005371
New Visher Reservoir (Malheur) 17050116005255
New Waterhole (Lake) 17120005003865
N G Creek Reservoir (Malheur) 17050118002358
Nightshade Lakes (Lane) 17090004006598
Nightshade Lakes (Lane) 17090004001116
Nightshade Lakes (Lane) 17090004006602
Nightshade Lakes (Lane) 17090004001115
Ninety Five Reservoir (Malheur) 16040201015042
Nip and Tuck Lakes (Klamath) 17070302000379
Nisly Reservoir (Polk) 17090003006085
Noble Acres Reservoir (Clackamas) 17090011004621
Noble Pond (Klamath) 18010204009689
Noble Reservoir (Klamath) 18010204009704
Noble Reservoir Number One (Klamath) 18010204002256
No Catchum Reservoir (Malheur) 17050110003720
Noon Reservoir (Malheur) 17050108003256
Nora Pond (Lake) 17120008004817
Nordic Log Pond (Douglas) 17100302014328
Norris Pond (Klamath) 18010203000431
North Alkali Draw Reservoir (Malheur) 17050103004769
North Alkali Lake (Lake) 17120005004272
North Alkali Lake (Lake) 17120005001377
North Barry Reservoir (Lake) 17120007342322
North Beede Reservoir (Harney) 17050116004837
North Blue Lake Group (Jackson) 17100307006958
North Blue Reservoir (Malheur) 17050109002225
North Butte Waterhole (Lake) 17070305010873
North Corner Reservoir (Grant) 17070201005898
North Corral Lake (Deschutes) 17070301000878
North Cottonwood Reservoir (Malheur) 16040201015102
North Creek Reservoir (Harney) 17120008004536
North DC Waterhole (Lake) 17120005008479
North Depoe Bay Creek Reservoir (Lincoln) 17100204005479
North Desert Waterhole Number Eleven (Harney) 17120005004099
North Desert Waterhole Number Nineteen (Harney) 17120007340882
North Dixie Lake (Linn) 17090005011929
North Douglas Log Ponds (Douglas) 17100301005001
North Drip Reservoir (Malheur) 17050117002818
North Fork Clackamas River (Clackamas) 17090011005292
North Fork Reservoir (Malheur) 17050107004901
North Fork Reservoir (Benton) 17090003006458
North Fork Reservoir (Crook) 17070304003588
North Fork Reservoir (Clackamas) 17090011005281
North Fork Squaw Creek Reservoir (Malheur) 17050117002821
North Gap Waterhole (Harney) 17120004002742
North Glass Butte Reservoir (Lake) 17070303007484
North Glass Butte Reservoir Number Two (Lake) 17070303007486
North Grassy Mountain Reservoir (Malheur) 17050110003193
North Heath Creek Reservoir (Malheur) 17120009003858
North Hoodoo Butte Reservoir (Malheur) 17050107005082
North Lake (Hood River) 17070105018960
North Lake (Yamhill) 17100203010616
North Lake (Klamath) 17100307001141
North Loggerhead Reservoir (Harney) 17120008004477
North Lookout Butte Reservoir (Malheur) 17050107005079
North Matthieu Lake (Deschutes) 17070301004441
North Minam Meadows (Wallowa) 17060105005281
North Oregon Hill Reservoir (Malheur) 17050107005021
North Powder Pond Number Two (Union) 17050203001851
North Quail Creek Reservoir (Harney) 17120009003771
North Reservoir (Marion) 17090009003483
North Reservoir (Washington) 17090010004699